All pups for 2019 are spoken for!!! Please contact for referrals though!

Grael Italian Greyhounds

Grael Italian Greyhounds. Champion lines

About me. The life of a breeder


I was terrified of even the smallest Chihuahua as a child but loved cats. Cats, however, were out of the question because my mom was allergic. I desperately wanted a pet. When I was 18, I talked my mom into letting me have a dog and promptly went to the pet store in the mall and bought a Norwegian Elkhound. I had no clue what I was getting into!! Thankfully, I got into obedience and was embraced by some wonderful people in the Elkhound community and I learned A LOT!! Especially why NOT to buy from a pet store!!! Several years later I got my first show dog, a Norwegian Elkhound from Polestar kennels. Then came life, a child, medical issues and upheaval and I got away from the dog world for a while. When my daughter was older and life had calmed down, we looked for a pet. We got a toy poodle at the suggestion of my sister. We adore Faith but I hate the grooming required by a poodle. I started searching for my next dog a few years later and knew I wanted a small dog with very little grooming required. I definitely wanted a big personality but not terrier-like. When I came across Italian greyhounds, I was hooked. The first breeder I spoke to thought I might be better suited to a pug. I took her concerns seriously, did my best to address them, and went back to looking. I knew an IG was for me. I got my first IG in 2010 after an extensive search. He’ll never win a beauty prize but he won my heart! From there they just stuck! I had to have another and happened to find a show dog. Showing has been addictive and I love having puppies in the house!